10 Obnoxious Characteristics Of An Envious Person

Have you ever met an envious person? Or are you an envious person yourself? This is one of the very bad traits of people. It creates negative feelings for people and makes relationships worse. Even this character is the seed of bad deeds and crimes. Meeting or working with envious people often makes your life difficult or even dangerous. So how do you know if you have a jealous personality around you? This article will provide information about 10 Obnoxious Characteristics Of An Envious Person.

What Is Envy?

Envy is one of the 7 bad qualities of people in religion or if you are not a religious person, envy is also an unacceptable trait in society.

This is the feeling of longing for what others have that you don’t have. Or when someone else achieves or succeeds, instead of you being happy and congratulating them, you feel very upset and frustrated. You can even do bad things to harm someone you envy or take away what you want about yourself. It’s like seeing a neighbor getting a new car or a coworker getting a new job and expecting the same thing. You may harbor a grudge against the individual for having achieved something that you desire but have yet to achieve.

How To Recognize An Envious Person?

Envious people aren’t always easy to identify. They can be a significant part of your life, and it may appear that they genuinely care about your well-being if you do not examine what they say or do on a deeper level. An envious individual is frequently a covert narcissist, taking all of your delights without your knowledge. The worst part about having them in your life is that they can be purposefully detrimental because your happiness bothers them. And, depending on the intensity and depth of their jealousy, they can completely devastate your existence.

Let us now discuss the characteristics of an envious person.

10 Toxic Characteristics Of An Envious Person

Characteristics Of An Envious Person

In everyday life, we often hide traits that we know to be negative. Jealous people do it too, but the cues that identify them as such can be identified. Here are 10 obnoxious characteristics of an envious person.

1. Look Down On Other People’s Achievements

An envious individual, like a narcissist, will find ways to undermine your sense of pride in your self-worth. They don’t like to see you happy and refreshed, even if you’ve just done something great. When you tell them about your past achievements, they usually tell you why those achievements are nothing to brag about and give you their full list of amazing achievements to compare.

If you tell them you just finished college, they’ll respond like, “Oh, it’s okay, I’m doing my Ph.D. This is an exaggeration, but you get the idea there.

They don’t want you to be happy or successful, or proud of your accomplishments. They despise you the most when you are satisfied with your life, work, and everything that is going on around you well.

2. Celebrate Other People’s Mistakes

This is one of the characteristics of an envious person that you can easily recognize. They are ecstatic when the person they envy makes a mistake. They can’t wait for it to happen, no matter how small. If there are no new mistakes to celebrate, they will bring up negative memories of the past to remind both you and them that you are not perfect.

Their jealousy makes them believe you have everything and they are overjoyed to show that you don’t. Jealous people are always on the lookout when you take a wrong turn because it helps them deal with everything they’re feeling. The green-eyed monster wasn’t good to them either. It’s hard to understand how they feel, and all they want is a relief.

3. Don’t Acknowledge The Success Of Others

People who are jealous of others will not be able to cope with their achievements. How does this personality manifest?

They often walk away and don’t care about you if you’ve accomplished something great in your life and are finally satisfied. That’s how they get upset when they see you succeed. They simply disappear from your life. They may give you a made-up story about how you changed, how something in their life changed, or how you left. In a way, this shows that they care about you and simply can’t get over their overwhelming feelings of jealousy for what you have and what they don’t have.

There’s also the risk that they won’t be able to stay out of your life and will keep checking in, hoping that things have worked out for you and you’re no longer as successful as they were before they left.

4. Celebrate Their Own Success

Everyone wants to be appreciated, acknowledged, and recognized for their achievements.

Still, if someone (who also does the other items on this list) exaggerates their own achievement, especially when it makes your success appear insignificant, this is a featured among characteristics of an envious person. Jealous people desire to be perceived as better, stronger, or more attractive than you. They are attempting to prove something to themselves, as well as to you and the rest of the world.

Exaggerating their accomplishments allows them to place themselves first and demonstrate that they, too, have it good – or, more properly, better than you. When they do something successfully, you are likely to hear about it frequently, especially if it is something you are not strong at or an area of life in which you have had less success.

5. Fake Praise

Fake Praise

People who are envious make fake remarks. They tell the person they envy that they like certain aspects of them that they, in fact, do not.

They believe they are supposed to flatter the other person in order to appear to like them. Another thing they could do is upset someone with a compliment. This is their passive-aggression expressing itself. (one of the characteristics of an envious person).

They want to appear pleasant, but they have so much hidden hate and hatred inside of them that they have to get it out somewhere, so they employ insults disguised as compliments. This may not appear to be a bad thing, but if you notice that someone in your life is frequently doing this, this is a major red flag.

6. Laugh At The Misfortunes Of Others

This is obvious, but it is the factor that distinguishes benign from malicious envy, so it is worth discussing. Another malicious thing about the characteristics of an envious person. Secretly (or not so discreetly) jealous people rejoice whenever something goes wrong in the life of the person they envy. They simply cannot help themselves. This is remarkable because they can’t stop their lips from forming a smile when they see someone they admire go through anything terrible or challenging.

Some people giggle or smile at the stress. If your best friend laughs when you tell them something terrible happened to them, that’s usually their reaction to a stressful scenario. Pay attention to their other habits. Just because you’ve known someone for a long time doesn’t mean they’re not jealous.

Be wary of who you place your trust in.. Not everyone is your friend. A jealous friend or family member will try to hide their happiness, and they may even be overly sympathetic and give you too much advice on how to handle the problem.

But beware: their advice is often intended to trick you or make a mistake

7. Talking Bad About Others Behind Their Backs

Talking Bad About Others Behind Their Backs

This is the 7th obnoxious characteristics of an envious person. Envious people are all very sweet people, but when the person they envy is no longer around, they start saying rubbish about the person they are envious of. They do it for two main reasons:

First, they want others to see the flaws in the person they envy. They get sick of hearing about the achievements or virtues of the person being envied.

Second, gossip behind their backs is their way out. They have so much unpleasant and jealous energy trapped within them that they have to release it somehow.

They won’t tell you all those terrible things in front of you because they don’t want to lose you, something that links them to you. However, they can’t keep it all to themselves, so they gossip behind your back. You can be sure that every embarrassing event that has ever happened to you that they know in advance will turn into delicious talk as they drink coffee with their friends. When confronted, they assume they’re just telling a funny story between friends and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Something is going wrong, and you’ll probably realize they’re not as innocent as they seem.

8. Attempt To Copy You

Do you remember in high school when someone owned the exact same item you had and you got annoyed? You may not realize why you feel this way, but the reality is that we all like to have our own unique tastes, objects, and ways of life.

Instead of pursuing their own uniqueness, a jealous person constantly tries to imitate someone they like. They want to own what you own. They are extremely jealous of your property. They want you to have good looks, material possessions, friends, family, achievements, etc. They begin to believe that if they do the same things as you, they will become like you and get what you have. This is one of the characteristics of an envious person that you can observe.

Jealous people might start buying the same clothes as you, watching the same TV shows, and hanging out in the same places… Of course, not everyone who does what you do is jealous of you, but if you find a pattern, they will no doubt be.

9. Frequently Mocking And Disparaging You

Frequently Mocking And Disparaging You

Another method envious people express their resentment is by insulting or speaking down to the person. There could be anything about you that is perceived as a flaw. They use this to make you feel bad whenever possible.

Furthermore, if you set your mind to doing something good for yourself, they will tell you that you aren’t good/qualified/consistent/strong enough. They go out of their way to show you that you shouldn’t try to improve your life or achieve whatever you want because you have flaws that can’t be overlooked. They make you believe that your problems are insurmountable. They don’t want to see your self-esteem grow, and this is how they do it.

10. Try To Beat You

Finally, one of the characteristics of an envious person is that they always compete with you. Though there’s a possibility, that they’ll try to show you that they’re better than you, even if you’re not competing with them, and don’t view the scenario in that light. They’re attempting to win a fight you’re not even aware of. While you’re unaware of what’s going on, they’re probably strategizing how to outperform you in something you both do or that is a part of both of your lives.

They may try to “win” in jobs, in family life, in relationships with mutual friends, or in anything else, no matter how insignificant it may appear to them. While you’re naively sharing your everyday experiences, they’re planning ways to demonstrate to you that they’re superior in the area of life you’re discussing.

You should be on the lookout for these indications of an envious individual. Jealousy isn’t always easy to spot, but if a person exhibits a couple of the behaviors on this list, there’s a high probability they’re jealous of you


In consumption, being able to recognize a jealous person is both a difficult thing and a bad thing. If you pay close attention you can judge whether the person has characteristics of an envious person or not. Although jealous people can be harmful to your life, do not rush to alienate them but find ways to help them so that they can get rid of it. Besides, you yourself also have to take measures to keep yourself from being encroached on by jealousy. From there, you will gain and maintain good relationships and develop yourself with the most integrity.

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