10 Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

When a person is in love, they feel the need to always express their feelings, to let their loved one know how much they love them. While “I love you” is a familiar way of expressing your feelings for the other person. However, have you ever wondered if there is another saying that can make you sweet and romantic in a delightful way? Some of these love phrases don’t even contain the word “love,” but they can convey a strong sense of admiration. Below, Newlifez.com will share with you the 10 sweetest ways to say I love you.

10 Ways to Say I Love You: 10 Sweet Options

A love statement that doesn’t contain the word “love” can be a more sincere word than any other word of love. A girl will be impressed with people who use special ways to express their feelings to her. It not only shows that you love her but also shows that you are a very intelligent and interesting person. Especially impressive and unique love quotes will make your lover think that it is a saying that exists only for her. So, the ways to say I love you below will be very helpful for you to express your feelings.

1. “You Make My Life Become Better”

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This is one of the ways to say I love you makes your lover melt.

This shows that you adore him/her and consider him/her the favorite person in your life. Because they love you even if you are not perfect, your lover is the best thing that has ever happened to you. They are an integral part of you and you feel grateful that they have entered your life.

2. “How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s words resonate as lovely and genuine now as they did two hundred years ago.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s words are still as sweet and suitable today. This quote is taken from a classic love poem, but so far it is still very suitable to express your feelings for the person you love because no matter how much time passes, love still exists with an eternal meaning in each person’s life.

In this world, each person has a different personality and so are everyone’s emotions. Even you cannot fully understand yourself. This quote expresses the willingness and enthusiasm of a loving heart that wants to give all its love and care to you in every way and only for you. Therefore, this is a perfect way among 10 ways to say I love you in your proposal.

3. “I am Crazy About You”

Note that this is not a curse or a disparaging statement. This is one of the ways to say I love you.

“I am crazy for you” means that you are madly in love with someone, to the point where you are willing to go to unimaginable lengths to ensure their happiness and affection are reciprocated.

Another meaning of this statement can be understood as follows. When you like something or think about something too much. Your mind will go crazy and uncontrollable. This bridge shows that you love her/him very much, thinking about her/him all the time. Even miss your lover even when your partner is by your side. You are such a crazy lover!

4. “I Have Fallen For You”


The expression “I fell in love with you” is derived from the term “falling in love” or “falling head over heels” for someone. This shows that you have begun to develop romantic feelings for someone else. This is one of the ways to say I love you suitable at the time when you are starting a love relationship.

This quote is very sweet and romantic like your heart has surrendered to someone. However, in terms of popularity, it is only behind I love you.

5. “You Set My Heart On Fire”

“You set my heart on fire” is a powerful way to convey “I love you” as it conveys an intense romantic passion for the person you love. It’s as if they lit a fire in your heart, and now you have a burning desire to be with them.

It also shows that before they arrived your heart was covered with ice and it became warmer when they were with you. And they have ignited passionate love like fire hidden deep inside you.

6. “We Are Meant To Be”

Another lovely way among the 10 ways to say I love you is “We are meant to be”

This is how to tell someone you love that your relationship feels like destiny as if the fate of the universe has brought you together, no matter what. eventually, you will find each other.

The two of you are a piece of the puzzle for each other and God has arranged it like that, it can’t be helped. It may seem a bit binding but it shows that you are born to know her/him and only you can make her/him happy and vice versa, only she/he can make life. You’re happy.

7. “And At Last I See The Light”


If you are a fan of Disney movies or have seen the movie Tangled, this saying is probably very familiar to you. This is the line in the lyrics of the song “I see the light” when the boy takes the princess to see the lantern festival. “At last I see the light” is not a love sentence but just what a girl said when she saw the light she wished to see for a long time. But if you watch this movie, you will understand the other meaning of it.

It was he who gave her the opportunity to see the light she dreamed of and he was also the light to her freedom and let her feel love and realize her worth. A simple saying but with so many layers of meaning. The saying shows that she/he is the light that illuminates your life, showing you how meaningful you are. Without her/him around you is just cold, lonely, and dark. And this is the most favorite way among 10 ways to say I love you for me.

8. “You Are All I Need”

Despite the clichés, this will hold her/him and even make her/him love you more. Another technique to convey I love you without saying I love you is to sing the lyrics of “You are all I need”.

All your world is her/him, and if you lose her/him, you will have nothing left in this life. This sentence shows that you appreciate her/him and without her/him you won’t be able to live. This is a classic of the most romantic ways to say I love you on your wedding day. And once you say this, you must be responsible for your words, because it is very special!

9. “I Love Being With You”

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One of the ways to say I love you with those saying those words, you can say “I love being with you”

People will be pleased with it simply by the prospect of making someone happy simply by their presence. Just having them makes you happy. This quote shows that for your friend, she/he is a special thing, happiness in your life.

You just need to see her/his silhouette, feel her/his scent, and see your lover’s smile to make you feel happy all day. Isn’t it sweet when you become someone’s happiness?

10. “I Adore You”

Last but not least, In the 10 ways to say I love you, ” I Adore you” is a  way to expect love.

“I adore you” express your deep feelings for someone you love. You worship and revere them, almost as if you worship them. This expression can also be directed towards those who are admired, such as motherhood – an indivisible divine affection. It shows that the feelings of the two of you are not only love but love between family members who cannot live with each other.


Love is a very sacred and precious feeling. No matter how much time has passed, it is eternal and immortal. Over time, aside from the classic I love you saying, there are many ways to express this romantic affection. Hope the article ”10 Romantic Ways to Say I Love You” has suggested to you cool ways to express your love to that person.
Don’t hesitate to show your love to your lover every day, anytime, anywhere. Bring happiness and show your lover how much you love her/him. This life is very short and time will wait for no one, say love while you can so that at some point you will not have to regret for not saying you love her/him as much as you thought.
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