Top 8 Best Seafood Restaurants In Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang (Danang), a coastal city of Vietnam, is emerging as an appealing destination. The charms of the city include not only the beautiful landscape but also the unique cuisine. Inside every dish, it’s central Vietnam’s culture and tradition. The best dishes that you should not miss are surely seafood. We have chosen a list of the top 8 best seafood restaurants in Da Nang for you to explore the city’s cuisine.

1. Hai San Pho Restaurant

Hai San Pho Restaurant - Top 8 Best Seafood Restaurants In Da Nang

Hai San Pho, one of the best local seafood restaurants in Da Nang, is a suitable place for group and family parties with a very spacious space and cozy, modern decoration. The menu is diverse, divided into several areas so you can easily choose and order fresh seafood. The restaurant serves many kinds of seafood, even some expensive and rare seafood. Especially, Hai San Pho provides “fish market” procedure which means that you can choose the freshest ingredients yourself. The price is reasonable and worth for enjoying a dinner with a beach-front view to Da Nang shoreline.

2. Nem Restaurant

Nem Restaurant in Landshut - Top 8 Best Seafood Restaurants In Da Nang

Located on the 3rd floor of Belle Maison Parogand Danang Hotel, Nem Restaurant is well known for fresh seafood and delicious, authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant can serve up to 60 customers. With this seating capacity, it is not too crowded and noisy so you can enjoy your meal comfortably. The breakfast buffet serves from 6:40 am to 10:00 am, and its highlight is, of course, the dinner. Guests can choose fresh seafood from Nem Restaurant’s tanks then it is taken to the kitchen for preparing.

Though Nem serves the most famous Vietnamese seafood dishes, you also can require the chef to cook in Hong Kong or Thai style. If you are confused with the menu of too many tasty and colorful dishes, we would like to recommend these best dishes from Nem Restaurant: fried seafood spring rolls, perfume snail, grilled clam, and banana blossom with sunny fish salad.

3. Tu Map Seafood Chain

Tu Map Seafood Chain - Top 8 Best Seafood Restaurants In Da Nang

Tu Map Seafood is a chain of Danang seafood restaurants that has conquered many diners with fresh – clean seafood, brought from famous seafood shops throughout the country. With a rich source of seafood, fresh quality, unique wide space and especially the extremely affordable price, Tu Map Seafood become popular destination place for seafood lovers.

4. Be Anh Seafood 1

BE ANH RESTAURANT - Tu Map Seafood Chain

Belonging to a seafood brand with 18 years of experience, Be Anh Seafood 1 Restaurant is an ideal seafood restaurant that Da Nang foodies cannot ignore. Not only attracts diners with a variety of delicious and unique seafood dishes. But Be Anh Seafood 1 also impresses by the space of rustic and honest coastal restaurant. That is as comfortable as the people of the Central region.

5. Cu Fish

Not only attractive food, luxurious space, enthusiastic service. But also extremely affordable prices. Ca Cu is gradually gaining the sympathy of customers from all directions. Coming to this delicious and cheap seafood restaurant in Da Nang. You will enjoy the fresh taste of dishes made with fresh ingredients imported from Vietnam’s clean waters. Such as Phu Quoc, Ca Mau, Quang Ninh…

6. Ho Xanh Seafood

Ho Xanh Seafood - Tôm Càng Xanh ở Quận Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng |

Referring to Ho Xanh Seafood. Your meal will surely think of a rich and extremely attractive seafood menu famous for all kinds of seafood families. Such as shrimp, fish, squid, snails, oysters, crab, … and countless ways of processing like: grilled, steamed, fried, fried, boiled, … with extremely reasonable prices. Not only that, this place is an ideal destination for parties such as birthdays, company parties, family meetings, …

7. My Hanh Restaurant

My Hanh Restaurants - Top 8 Best Seafood Restaurants In Da Nang

My Hanh Restaurant is one of the more upmarket seafood restaurants in Da Nang. Their extensive menu includes highlights such as spicy grilled abalone, shellfish congee, salt-steamed crab, and tamarind crab. The restaurant is right by the beach, so you have the option to sit outside. Come for dinner around sunset, for the best views.

8. Trung Gia Seafood

Trung Gia Seafood Restaurants - Top 8 Best Seafood Restaurants In Da Nang

Located at 64 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Da Nang. Trung Gia Seafood owns a spacious space with an area of nearly 1500 m2 which is an ideal place for you and your family to enjoy the dishes. Not only that, diners can both enjoy fresh seafood at the same time and be able to see the Quan Am Buddha (Linh Ung Pagoda), Cu Lao Cham and the Marble Mountains and Da Nang beach.