Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Best Friend In Your Life

We all live in a society and understand how important friends are to us. We’ve got friends we usually shop with or go out for lunch, we’ve got friends we sometimes go to the cinema or go to the gym… Well, having a friend for every occasion is a good thing, but it should be clear that having a best friend is a great bonus in life! Best friends make our life more complete, exciting, and fun. And that’s really true! Let’s take a moment to check out the top 10 benefits of having a best friend in your life.

Benefits Of Having A Best Friend In Your Life

1. A best friend makes you smile for any reason, or even without a reason

According to recent studies, having a close friend around can lift your mood very quickly. You actually know what it’s like to feel stomach aches because your pal is making you laugh so hard! Besides, it means that every time your friend makes you smile, he/she makes your thoughts more positive and makes you a happier person.

2. A best friend makes you stress-free

Benefits Of Having A Best Friend

Scientists showed that your true friend can reduce stress and make you feel better if you’re tense. You feel comfortable when your friend is around. This person creates your comfort zone and, thus, spending quality time with him/her helps you decrease stress levels.

3. A best friend allows you to be yourself

When you’re close to your friend, you know you can be yourself. Your best friend knows everything about you – everything bad and everything good. So, it doesn’t really make sense for you to pretend.

4. A best friend gives you effective constructive criticism

Benefits Of Having A Best Friend

Who else will be totally honest with you if not your best friend? The person who knows you best. He/she knows your strengths and weaknesses and can find suitable words to tell it like it is. Sometimes your close friend is the person who knows you even better than you do yourself and he/she isn’t afraid to tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.

5. A best friend makes you feel a sense of belonging

Friendships provide a sense of community and meaning. As Karyn Hall, a Dialectical Behavior Therapy trainer and author of The Emotionally Sensitive Person points out in a Psychology Today blog, your connection to others can do wonders for your wellness.

6. A best friend helps you manage health issues

Health complications are frightening, but your best friend makes them a tiny bit easier to handle. Research shows social support can have a positive effect when fighting disease, O Magazine reported. It also reduces your risk of illnesses like dementia and can mitigate the symptoms of depression.

Your friend’s presence can even make small improvements in your health. Studies suggest strong social ties even reduce your risk of catching a common cold.

7. A best friend pushes you to practice more self-acceptance.

No one knows you better than your best friend — that includes your flaws. But while you tend to beat yourself down about them, your BFF lifts you in spite of them. That kind of support is crucial when it comes to expressing compassion and love toward yourself and others.

8. A best friend makes difficult challenges seem less daunting.

Facing adversity? Call your best friend. A 2008 study found that having a best friend by your side can actually make a hill appear less steep. Of course, this is a physical test of the theory, but the concept can be applied emotionally as well. A challenge is a challenge.

9. A best friend Gives A sense of belonging

We all want to know we matter to others — that our life has purpose. In fact, belonging needs come in third on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, just after basic needs (think food and shelter) and safety needs.

Developing and maintaining close friendships helps foster feelings of belonging.

10. A best friend extends you a helping hand in every situation


A best friend is always ready to share not only your good times but also help you in tough times. Your real friend stands by your side no matter what. This is the person who wipes your tears when you cry, supports you when you fall, generally offers the shoulder to cry on and encourages you if you’re down. It’s really one of the benefits of having a best friend we can’t skip.


Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Best Friend In Your Life