Top 7 Best Clothing Brands For Women

There are a ton of clothing brands to choose from right now and sometimes it can be honestly hard remembering what all is out there. With so many styles to choose from and designer aesthetics to look through, it can definitely be overwhelming. So to refresh, we’ve compiled a little round-up of some of the best clothing brands for women available right now. From the ones you see all over your Insta feeds to some that are more cult faves, there’s definitely a label in here that you’ll fall in love with.

Of course, they all have great ready-to-wear pieces for cute outfits, but many also make accessories, swimwear, loungewear, and shoes, so be sure to check all that out too as you’re browsing. Keep on scrolling for the best clothing brands for women you’ll want in your wardrobe.

1. Good American

Best Clothing Brands For Women

Ladies, don’t get hung up on the fact that Good American is a Kardashian-founded brand. Good American originally launched as an all-denim line but has expanded to activewear and other basics, including some of the best jeans around. They’re on the pricier side, but last forever and there are good sales a few times a year. The denim is stretchy but still sucks everything in (particularly the high-waisted styles) while still being incredibly comfortable.

There’s a huge variety of styles to choose from in varying lengths including shorts and styles that run the gamut from classic dark wash and distressed boyfriend jeans to vintage-inspired flares and even maternity. We also love that on the Good American website, you can select a model similar to your size to see how the clothes might fit your body type. They even offer free home try-on.

2. Pact

Pact offers up cost-conscious and environmentally friendly basics that are soft, lightweight, and simple.

Pact doesn’t think being cost-conscious and environmentally conscious should be mutually exclusive. That’s why the brand is committed to making super-soft, comfortable products using organic cotton in Fair Trade factories. While organic is usually synonymous with expensive, Pact’s products are very affordable — leggings cost $20, T-shirts go for $25, and hoodies for $50, to give you a sense of pricing.


Best Clothing Brands For Women

For premium basics and trendy essentials at a surprisingly affordable price, shop DSTLD.

If your dream capsule wardrobe draws up thoughts of effortlessly chic leather jackets, premium denim, slouchy tees, and other pieces that are as cool as they are timeless, you’ll love DSTLD. The direct-to-consumer model has allowed the brand to bring down prices pretty significantly, without sacrificing quality along the way. That means you can get a beautiful wool coat for $180, not far off from a price you would pay at a fast-fashion store like Zara, and a real leather jacket for $400 that would probably cost more than double if you bought it retail. All of the pieces sit in a neutral palette, making them easy to mix and match, so you can perfect that “I-just-woke-up-and-threw-this-on” vibe.

4. Welfed Pant

The pricepoint on pieces from this label may look a little hefty, but trust that if you wear something from Fe Noel, you will get endless compliments. Not only does the brand have cool matching sets like this one right here, but they also make flowing, romantic robes and some of the coolest swimsuits on the market.

5. H&M

This clothing brand needs no introduction since it has been there since 1947 being founded by Hennes and Mauritz. Its appeal is global in the business of women’s clothing. They have made collaborations with top-of-their-game designers like Stella McCartney and personalities such as Karl Lagerfeld. Grapevine says that the next grand collaboration will be with Alber Elbaz. Their collection can definitely change the wardrobe for anyone.

6. Uniqlo

Best Clothing Brands For Women

This brand goes head to head with GAP since it sells colorful clothing options like no other. The clothes are created in a way that they look more sophisticated and expensive than they actually are. They have a unique formal section for women including button-downs, suits, blazers, and denim. They bring in shoppers by making clothing that projects ideals of affordable minimalism, for example, the collection by Jil Sander. They have also made collaborations with Costello Tagliapietra, Alexandra Wang, Phillip Lim, etc.

7. COS

COS is an acronym for Collection of Style and is yet another one of the clothing brands being owned by H&M which speaks volumes about how cleverly they market their clothing line for any gender. Their style among other brands is known for being refined along with well-edited drawing hundreds of European women to shop at its outlets. Their clothing line is most likely the most perfect piece one can own and it does not even matter the name of the brand that it hails from.

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