Top 7 Best Coffee Shops In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has long been a city of artists, dreamers, and thinkers, who all have a love of coffee in common. From longstanding cafés dating back to the mid-20th century to hip new artisanal spots, café culture is a major facet of life in this metropolis. Here are seven of the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires.

1. Café La Biela

Café La Biela, Buenos Aires

A list of the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without La Biela. This iconic Recoleta hangout of 1950s Formula One champions such as Juan Manuel Fangio has been declared a Place of Cultural Interest by the city of Buenos Aires. Take a peek behind the bar to see photographs shot by legendary Argentine writer Adolfo Bioy Casares, who was another frequent customer, along with a friend and fellow influential writer Jorge Luis Borges.

Avenida Presidente Manuel Quintana, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni-Buenos Aires
Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires

Opened in 1858 by French immigrants, Café Tortoni was designed in the style of fin de siècle coffee houses and is known as one of the most beautiful, influential cafés in the world. With previous visitors ranging from Borges to Albert Einstein to Federico García Lorca, with a basement stage for jazz, tango, and poetry contests, Café Tortoni has a legacy of being an incubator for creative thought. Therefore Café Tortoni is always the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires.

Café Tortoni, Av. de Mayo 825, 1084 Buenos Aires, Argentina

3. El Ateneo Grand Splendid 

Café El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, one of the world’s famous bookshops, is located inside a former theater and is a stunning sight to behold. Named by the Guardian as the second most beautiful bookshop in the world, take a visit and it’s easy to see why. If perusing the rows and rows of bookshelves, set amongst gilded molding, tires you out, head over to the bookshop’s café, which is at the back of what once was the stage.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Av Sta Fe 1860, 1123 Buenos Aires, Argentina

4. Las Violetas

Las Violetas-cafe-Buenos Aires_1
Las Violetas Cafe, Buenos Aires

Part of the appeal of Las Violetas is, perhaps bizarrely, the fact that it makes no attempt to move with the times, but obstinately remains nestled in a bygone era characterized by elegance and grandeur. Bronze columns and stained glass windows add to the air of timelessness, and the waiting staff don starched, white shirts and conduct themselves with as much decorum and politeness as if they, like the café, had been born into the 1800s. That said, the punters’ behavior is a little less refined and they circle the counter in an almost vulture-like fashion; but this is only a testament to the allure of the pastries on offer.

Las Violetas, Avenida Rivadavia 3899, C1204AAD, Buenos Aires

5. Pride

Pride Cafe, Buenos Aires

The New York style café Pride is known for being one of the most popular hangouts for gay tourists. Minimalist in style, with white walls and sparkling chrome furniture, it boasts a selection of healthy salads and rather less healthy (but utterly delicious) cakes and pastries. It is worth mentioning that all ingredients used are 100 percent organic. Pride boasts a wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable team of staff as well, who are only too happy to give their food and drink recommendations and dish out tourist information to those who ask.

Balcarce 869 esq. Pje Giuffra, Buenos Aires, Argentina

6. LAB

LAB Cafe, Buenos Aires

True connoisseurs of coffee, down to the finest detail, the LAB team is not likely to serve you a sub-standard cappuccino. They analyze each bean with pinpoint precision, noting its strength, acidity, and unique flavor, and are unabashed experts in all aspects of the process that transforms it into something foam-topped and delicious. The snacks on offer at LAB are very tasty, too, the cookies are especially delicious, and there is free drinking water available at all times. Plug sockets can be found by each stool as well, which is useful for those who wish to work whilst they enjoy their coffee.

LAB, Humboldt 1542, C1414CTN, Buenos Aires

7. Catoti

Catoti Cafe, Buenos Aires

The quality of the coffee at Catoti is exceptional, but that’s not all they’re worried about at this little Belgrano café. Being ecologically friendly is one of their top priorities and, consequently, much of the interior has been made from recycled objects. They are keen for the customer to be comfortable and feel at home, and the result is a space that is cozy and comfortable but undeniably cool. Lazy afternoons are encouraged here, as are long conversations with friends and baristas.

Catoti, Blanco Encalda 2457, Belgrano, Buenos Aires

With the list of top 7 best coffee shops in Buenos Aires that we have just introduced to you. Hope you will choose the right cafe to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee with family and friends.