The Best Make Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai – Top 10 Witches Of Beauty

Nowadays, there are many cosmetic bloggers who are also artists in the travel beauty industry. But what sets these bloggers apart is their enthusiasm and love for travel. In this way, they have successfully used their cameras to capture the beauty of many parts of the world, including aesthetic techniques and beauty tips, and Dubai is no exception!

Top 10 bloggers and makeup artists from Dubai will also be provided. Check out this article if you need some ideas on what to do next in make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai.

Best Make Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai: 10 Fantastic Names

1. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan

Dubai is home to some of the most famous global beauty influencers, like Huda Kattan. Her name is better known on social networks as “Huda Beauty”.

A talented make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai from Iraq born in California named Huda Kattan. She is famous in the field of cosmetics. Huda is especially famous in social media, thanks to its more than 43 million followers on Instagram. She lives in Dubai with her daughter Nour Giselle and husband Chris Goncalo. You can get Huda Beauty’s cosmetic and skin care products from her website using the name.

She currently has 43 million fans and followers on her Instagram account (Huda). The social media community is just crazy about her and her creativity. Huda beauty includes a line of makeup and skin care products, named after her.

2. Sondos Alqattan

Sondos Alqattan

With his rich knowledge and experience, Sondos Alqattan, a makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai has built a thriving position in the beauty market.

Despite being a Kuwaiti makeup artist, she is currently dominating the beauty of Dubai by sharing her daily beauty regimens and makeup techniques. She also provides her admirers with insightful instructions on many cosmetic procedures.

Many people love this make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai for showing off a modern and unique style. Two of her go-to makeup looks for Arab brides include a modern smoky eye makeup look and an eye makeup look with black eyeliner.

She has a huge following of beauty enthusiasts and is a popular social media influencer. Sondos’s Instagram account, @sondos aq, boasts 2.3 million followers. amazing.

3. Mohammed Hindash

Mohammed Hindash

The third name is definitely the most fantastic make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai. This Dubai-based makeup artist and beauty influencer is undoubtedly a powerful force in the UAE’s creative beauty industry. He regularly gives advice to his followers on how to achieve ideal beauty and provides product recommendations for cosmetics.

He is best known for his eyeliner and makeup tutorials. In the market, his own eyeliner brand, Hindash X Wow, is highly regarded for its quality and sought after by beauty enthusiasts.

4. Aliya Fatima

Aliya Fatima

Do you want to learn about another make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai, a self-taught makeup artist? The story of Aliya Fatima will make you feel interested.

Although only 21 years old, this make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai has achieved fame and is praised by many. She realized that the world of beauty was where her true passion was and from there she pursued this industry to make a living. Currently attending college, Aliya has long been involved in the beauty industry. She identifies as a professional makeup artist and blogger who is constantly striving to improve her abilities.

Her mother, a makeup artist, was the one who started Aliya on the road to fame. In Aliya’s opinion, that’s where her true passion lies. She started her career in this industry by working for Huda Beauty, a brand owned by Huda Kattan, a makeup artist in Dubai.

5. The Tezzy Files

The Tezzy Files

Tezzy, a famous make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai. Despite carrying Indian genetics, she spent a large part of her life in Kuwait and New Zealand. Currently, she is living happily with her husband in the vibrant city of Dubai.

She shows her admirers some of her special beauty skills by teaching them different makeup methods and teaching them about different hairstyles and hair accessories. She is also quite talented in choosing the right accessories and outfits.

6. Judy Poulos

Judy Poulos

The region’s largest city, Abu Dhabi, is home to Judy Poulos, a cosmetics artist from Syria.

She has mastered the skill of designing gorgeous cosmetic looks that are a representation of the unique culture and heritage of her nation. Judy began her career in makeup by exploring her passion for the arts and began sharing videos of her work on Instagram. She has received opportunities, as a result, to work on projects for numerous businesses in the beauty industry and to learn with other colleagues.

Judy has 40,000 followers on social media and a dedicated YouTube channel. She has also established herself as a powerful voice in the neighborhood.

7. Diana Chipar

Diana Chipar

Diana Chipar was originally a famous fashion stylist, but it was not until she moved to Dubai in 2007 that her career really took off.

Started as a model stylist Over the years, she has collaborated with many superstars. After a while, she started focusing more on her social media presence and eventually became a make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai. Diana stands out from other powerful people partly because she modifies the images, posts them on various accounts, and then further edits them.

She was scouted by many big companies and they hired her for many television commercials. I have been passionate about the world of fashion and beauty since a very young age.

She shared, “I’ve learned to love fashion through my ten years as a model. Being surrounded by talented makeup artists and designers has sparked my own sense of creativity and allowed I’ve grown as a celebrity and clothing stylist. I love sharing my pictures on Instagram to inspire others to follow their dreams and build mood boards.”

8. Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan

As the company’s president for the entire world, Mona Kattan founded Huda Beauty alongside her two sisters, Huda and Alya Kattan. She has also contributed enough to the brand’s success.

She is the driving force behind the brand’s success, and her passion for beauty is infectious. Huda Beauty was founded with significant assistance from Mona, and it has since become a leading name in the cosmetics sector. She oversees both the expansion of the brand and the company’s strategies.

9. Befrenshee


Befrenshee, a French YouTuber and a make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai, enjoys hearing about fashion and beauty products. She currently resides in Dubai and communicates to her viewers and fans her love of beauty and glamor.

She reviews with them and gives them straightforward directions. She started an internet channel to inform her admirers on the most recent and cutting-edge cosmetics trends as well as cosmetics because she enjoys experimenting with new clothes.

10. Miss Mulberry

Miss Mulberry

A lifestyle and fashion blog called Mulberry promotes dressing up. She has written pieces on a range of topics, including her daily style and her travels.

Mulberry’s attention is drawn to her blog, which she started writing on May 1, 2014. Her blogs, which include stunning fashion photos and selfies with other bloggers, have more than 80.000 Instagram followers. She took selfies and had a meeting with Joelle Mardinian, a well-known makeup artist, during the Max Factor Arabia event in 2016. A lifetime friendship between them was sparked by their shared love of cosmetics.


The art of makeup is a miracle that makes beauty glorify and shine. And this also comes from the skillful hands and talent of the makeup artists. Above are 10 makeup witches from Dubai that can make your beauty peak. What are you waiting for, follow them and learn useful knowledge from them?