Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight Delivery Services

With over 11.3 million direct jobs, aviation is now the most popular mode of transportation on the entire planet. An estimated 87.7 million employment are catalytic, induced, and indirect jobs. When considered as a whole, the aviation industry is a conglomeration of several different branches. Among these, the booming industry of air freight transportation services offers a wide range of prospects. We want to highlight the best paying jobs in air freight delivery services in this post.

What Are Air Freight Delivery Services?

Services for air freight delivery are a way to fly products from point A to point B. They are employed when shipping items by air is more affordable or efficient than shipping them by land or sea. It is a rapid and effective technique to deliver your packages from the point of origin to the point of destination.

Is Air Freight Delivery Services A Good Carrer Parth?

With a staggering total of 231.342 million tons of cargo (CTK) in 2021, air freight has increased its market share in the global freight sector.

With a load factor of about 50%, air freight services are likely to grow in the future. Statistically, there will be a huge increase in demand for air freight services, leading to more well-paid positions in the field.

According to IATA, e-commerce will account for a sizable proportion of 15% of total air freight in 2019. There will be more air freight in the coming years with the e-commerce market gaining growth. 30% annually.

Many e-commerce providers have changed their strategies during the pandemic to adapt to a new market and consumer trends. Global e-commerce sales soar to $4.4 trillion in 2021 and are expected to reach $7.4 trillion by 2025, increasing demand for freight services. airline.

The aforementioned statistics show the importance of air freight services today and the enviable position they will hold in the years to come. Having said that, you shouldn’t hesitate at all when starting a career in the air freight sector. The best paying jobs in air freight delivery services are listed below.

Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight Delivery Services: 10 Great Earners

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight Delivery Services
Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight Delivery Services

1. Air Cargo Manager

Similar positions may be known as customer program manager, transportation manager, or head of air freight in some organizations. As the title implies, the incumbent is responsible for overseeing air freight, aggregating labor data, assessing customer satisfaction, and overseeing all operations in the wing. goods and neighboring fields.

An estimated $100,000 annual salary is expected for this position, and a bachelor’s degree in shipping and logistics would be very helpful. Typically, air freight managers with at least a few years of experience are employed by air freight companies.

2. Freight Agents

The backbone of air freight delivery services is cargo or freight agents, who take on the most difficult task of the entire process by processing every kilogram of cargo that passes through the airport. The prearranged goods must be carried by cargo agents on the appropriate aircraft. Before each flight, the cargo agents compile the necessary paperwork for customs clearance. They are accountable for reaching out to customers on the company’s behalf in order to confirm any logistics-related information that is missing. Freight agents keep an eye on the loading procedure once the aircraft touches down to make sure all the enlisted cargo has been loaded.

Additionally, cargo agents should be computer literate in order to enter data on specially created software and have a solid knowledge of risky commodities. An average freight agent makes between $40,000 and $80,000 annually.

3. Air Freight Pilot

Air Freight Pilot

No one is surprised that pilots have the highest compensation among best paying jobs in air freight delivery services. Whether a pilot is operating a passenger or cargo flight, their responsibilities are essentially the same. Most airlines demand that cargo pilots and co-pilots have a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma in addition to the required flight training. A freight pilot typically makes roughly $100,000 per year.

By 2035, there will be 3,010 cargo aircraft operating globally, up 70% of the current fleet size, according to Boeing. This is solid proof of the demand for freighter pilots in the future.

4. Warehouse Manager

This position is responsible for warehouse operations. This entails managing all logistics activities, including order fulfillment, warehouse maintenance, shipping and receiving. You will be responsible for managing a team of packers and preparing orders before they are dispatched.

Additionally, this career may be responsible for communicating with consumers to confirm and fulfill orders, resolve issues, and ensure a great experience for everyone associated with your organization.

A warehouse manager typically earns $56,454 a year. One of the best paying jobs in air freight delivery services.

5. Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

This is one of the best paying jobs in air freight delivery services with an aviation maintenance mechanic enjoying a six-figure salary, with an average salary of $50,000 to $100,000 depending on experience and the nature of the job. This is similar to previous best paying jobs in air freight delivery services. Mechanics are responsible for maintaining the aircraft’s ability to fly by inspecting avionics, hydraulics, flight controls, and aircraft construction. A cargo mechanic must also have a thorough understanding of the cargo handling mechanisms. Having a helicopter repair certificate will be a distinct benefit if the company uses helicopters to transport goods by air.

Being an aircraft maintenance mechanic requires a lot of responsibility as he is ultimately responsible for the safety of any passengers, pilots, and flight attendants. To make sure that everything is in order and that the plane is prepared for take-off, they closely monitor the aircraft systems.

6. Customer Program Manager

Delivery and maintenance of many customer service packages are done by the customer program manager. They work closely with the sales staff to provide excellent service and meet all customer needs.

These managers are responsible for developing new business opportunities as well as maintaining existing client connections. The client program manager role requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration along with two years of sales or customer service experience.

The prerequisites include graduation from a four-year educational institution.

Essential skills include the ability to communicate ideas and thoughts clearly and the ability to take the initiative in any situation.

In the United States, a salary of $55,000 to $80,000 is conceivable for a job in the top of the best paying jobs in air freight delivery services.

7. Air Traffic Controller

While the job of an air traffic controller is difficult, it is essential because they are responsible for ensuring the safety of all air traffic. Air traffic controllers monitor all traffic in their area to facilitate efficient flight operations; There is no specific air traffic controller that specializes in air freight services. The career of air traffic controller is very favorable for growth and increasing career opportunities as air travel is expected to increase. Depending on the difficulty of the job, the salary for this position ranges from $50,000 to $130,000.

8. Shipping Manager

Shipping Manager

The duties of a shipping manager also include controlling the import and export of goods across international borders. They transport the goods as well as handle customs clearance. Shipping managers can be expected to double as customs brokers or agents depending on their employer’s requirements. The following responsibilities lie with the shipping manager:

  • Deals with international cross-border shipments
  • Importing and exporting goods from abroad
  • Crossing international boundaries with goods
  • Deliver parcels for customs clearance

A shipping manager typically brings in around $50,118 per year. A fairly high number of positions in the best paying jobs in air freight delivery services.

9. Freight Broker

Through middlemen referred to as “freight brokers,” air cargo is transferred. They act as a go-between for freight forwarders and airlines, buying cargo from the former and reselling it to the latter.

As a result, they receive a commission on every sale; those who are knowledgeable about the industry and have connections to cheap tickets from particular airlines or geographical regions have a distinct advantage.

According to the BLS, a freight broker has an average yearly salary of $62,105.

10. Aviation Inspector

For those who appreciate keeping track of everything, whether it’s planned they inspect or co-workers they meet at work, working as an aviation inspector is a great fit. A bachelor’s degree in aviation or a closely related field is required to earn $61,000 per year.

Due to the continued development of the aviation industry and strict government regulations on the installation and use of safe equipment and materials during aircraft construction and maintenance, there will always be a need for capable individuals.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jobs In Air Freight Delivery Services 

best paying jobs in air freight delivery services
The best paying jobs in air freight delivery services


The many advantages that air freight transportation services providers can make a career in this field appealing to some people. These advantages include having the chance to work for a renowned and well-known organization, having access to a wide range of professional prospects, and receiving a high salary.

A rewarding and difficult career path can be found working in the air freight transportation industry. Air freight delivery services give employees the chance to work for some of the greatest businesses in the industry in addition to obtaining a competitive pay rate.

There are many advantages to working in air freight delivery services, so if you are thinking about pursuing a career in this area, it is crucial to look into all of your alternatives. A great approach to develop expertise and abilities that can be applied in any business is through air freight transportation services.


It has a number of drawbacks to working in the air freight delivery sector:

  • Long hours and frequent physical demands are characteristics of this employment.
  • Additionally, it might be challenging to have a regular work schedule because air freight delivery personnel are frequently forced to work erratic hours.
  • Finally, many benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off may not be available to people who haul air freight.


We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the job opportunities that exist in the air freight and delivery industry. In addition, we have tried to offer you the best paying jobs in air freight delivery services. To help you decide on the ideal career path for you, we also want you to understand what it’s like to work in these fields, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. We recommend that you consider adding any of these positions if you find one that captures your interest and pays enough to support your current standard of living.

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