Top 7 Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the land of steak, is seeing a total culinary rebirth. No longer are diners limited to parrilla (iron grill barbecue), pasta, pizza, and potatoes. There’s a new cooking generation in town, a crew of young chefs looking to bring diversity and redefine the traditional dining scene. Therefore, the best restaurants in Buenos Aires always give diners a friendly feeling, and with the most extensive menus.

Now more than ever the spotlight shines on homegrown ingredients from across the country, with a deliberate effort made to source Argentina’s unique local products and purveyors. From the classics to the trendsetters and all in between, welcome to Buenos Aires. Wondering where to start? In this article, we are giving you our list of “Best restaurants in Buenos Aires” to cover it all.

Chori Restaurants, Buenos Aires
Mishiguene Restaurant, Buenos Aires