Ways To Prevent Heat Stroke

Ways To Prevent Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is a condition caused by your body overheating, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to or physical exertion in high temperatures. This most serious form of heat injury, heatstroke, can occur if your body temperature rises to 104 F (40 C) or higher. The condition is most common in the summer months. Heatstroke

Benefits Of Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera gel is widely known to relieve sunburn and help heal wounds. But did you know that your favorite potted plant can be used for much more than sunburn relief and household décor? Here are 7 amazing benefits of aloe vera. The succulent has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes, dating back to

10 Benefits Of Yoga: Let’s practice every day

There is a wide range of benefits of yoga, both physical and mental health for people of all ages. And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of your treatment and potentially hasten to heal. A yoga therapist can work with