How To Annoy A Jealous Person: 12 Interesting Ideas

In our lives, jealous people exist everywhere and in relationships in life. Jealousy is one of the negative human traits, it destroys the good of social relationships and brings about negative actions that affect both the envious and the envied. Dealing with jealous people will definitely bring you a very difficult and negative life. So how to deal with these people? Annoy is one of the positive ways to make envious people harmless and self-aware of their bad qualities. Annoy is also a way to fight the jealous person gently, happily, and without a strong or hurtful impact on the jealous person. In this article, we will show you how to annoy a jealous person in the most fun way.

What Is The Jealous?

Jealous (Envious)  is an unpleasant feeling when someone else achieves or gets something that you can’t have. It is different from admiration, you will be happy for that person and see that person as a motivation to strive. Jealousy will make you extremely toxic, always trying to bring others down even endangering the person being envied. It can be said that this is one of the bad traits of people. Imagine if your friend or neighbor got a new car or won an award that you didn’t get you would feel very frustrated and try to make those valuables trivial and you think those things you will get or more if you want.

Jealousy can be said to be a poison that is making relationships slow to death, and the person who is envied feels very tired.

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How To Annoy A Jealous Person?

Annoy is the simplest and most positive way to make envious people self-harming and harmless. It can make them realize their own mistakes and still keep you as a decent and sophisticated person. But sometimes annoyance can go a bit too far and hurt them or you will turn into a very obnoxious person. So how to annoy a jealous person and still keep both parties happy and keep a good relationship, check out our 12 interesting ways: how to annoy a jealous person below.

1. Ignore 


You’ve probably heard the saying “ignorance is bliss,” and this is certainly true for someone who is jealous and loves attention. They love attention and want to be the center of attention. They want your attention so they can prove, even by their own incompetence, that they are superior to you even though you know they are nothing and that someone else is better than them (maybe it’s you).

Instead of giving in to their wishes, simply ignore them and don’t pay attention or talk to them as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are attending a gathering, meeting, or partying with them; just ignore them to the best of your ability, as if they didn’t exist. This small action will make them unstoppable.

2. Show Off Your Achievements

How to annoy a jealous person, the best way is to develop yourself about the things they are jealous of as much as possible. Determine what the other person is jealous of, and then show it as much as you can. Make sure the jealous person is aware of that.

For example, if your so-called “friend” is jealous of your boyfriend/girlfriend, make sure to give them every detail about your recent date, don’t skip anything. what. nothing and just look at their faces full of displeasure or if your neighbor is jealous of your new car, put it in their parking space when they are not there. When asked, assert that you didn’t know about it and made a mistake. This will make him or her uncomfortable.

3. Straightforward In Attitude

It’s not a good thing to respond to the jealous person’s attitude towards you directly, even if it is rude, but if you have reached the peak of your tolerance and to protect yourself, this is the best way. to annoy the envious. Don’t respond to them with a fake face and attitude. When in public, make sure to turn your answers into savage replies but you need to control your anger or you don’t want to sound rude, which will make them a joke. laugh. If they have malice towards you, respond more brutally so they need to get really scared after burning with jealousy.

4. What They Envy You Do It

What They Envy You Do It

Knowing what they’re jealous of allows you to do the same to anger them even more, this time on purpose. It’s the simplest and fastest approach how to annoy a jealous person because you’re good at whatever they’re jealous of and might enjoy doing it. Maybe even try to improve on anything they’re jealous of to piss them off even more than before.

Let’s start with something easy. People often envy simple things. For example, students get jealous of each other due to the difference in grades, destroying friendships. But here’s how you anger someone who’s jealous of your score: study and practice even harder to get as many points as you can. There’s nothing you can do to stop the other person from being jealous, but you can be better. Similarly, whatever others are jealous of, do it significantly better than them, and don’t redirect yourself. This will make the person angry non-stop.

5. Make Friends With The Jealous Person’s Friends

Friends are almost everyone’s spirit, so attract their friends and make them your allies and make them abandon anyone who is jealous of you. They will be extremely upset and angry when they see you in their friend circle without the person mentioned. And that means they will lose someone on their side to speak ill of or harm you. The things they brag about will be exposed by you and this is definitely the thing they don’t want the most. Furthermore, when you are friends with the jealous person’s friends you will have a chance to retaliate against them but this is not a good way how to annoy a jealous person.

6. Be Friend With Them

If being friends with their friends isn’t enough to upset them, why not try being friends directly with someone you’re jealous of? Allow them to join your circle so they can keep a closer eye on your lifestyle and become even angrier and more frustrated by their jealousy of you. If done right, it will be one of the most exciting events of your life.

However. here’s an extremely unlikely thing you can accomplish. Befriend the individual who is envious of you. Talk to him or her more than normal and brag about everything the individual is envious of. He or she will be irritated. Keep his or her expressions on track, and you will begin to like them. Here are a few more things you can do how to annoy a jealous person.

8. Leave Them Out Of Everything

Leave Them Out Of Everything

Another thing you can do how to annoy a jealous person if the jealous person is in your friend circle is to invite all your friends but exclude the jealous person. Enjoy your time with your friends. Take lots of pictures of you having a good time and then share them on social media. The best part will be when you discuss this outing time with your friends with the envious person there afterward.

9. Cut A Jealous Person Out of Photo and Upload It To Social Networks

Do you have a photo of yourself with someone that is jealous of you? If you answered yes, here are your suggestions on how to annoy a jealous person. Take that image, crop out the image of the envious, and then share it on all your social media accounts. When they notice, they get mad. This is one of the most fun and harmless ways to make the person jealous even more. If you want to annoy your brother/sister, I believe this will work.

10. Ruin His Or Her Social Media Image With A Comment

Start the vandalism with comments if you have someone who is really jealous of you. Create an anonymous account and leave weird and nasty comments in the comments section of that person’s posts. You can also delegate this task to someone else. However, limit fabrication or you will become them.

11. Make Realistic Jokes

Make Realistic Jokes

This is one of the most effective ways how to annoy a jealous person. Simply engaging in innocent pranks. Here are a few examples:

  • Toss a rubber snake in front of them. You will see them panicking and jumping all over the place, believe me.
  • If the person who is jealous of you lives close by, just walk up to their door and knock a few times before hiding. Make sure they can’t see you. Repeat a few more times.
  • Put glitter in an envelope and put it in his or her mailbox. Simply write ‘urgent’ on top of the envelope and hide it. Watch each person open the package and become sparkling

12. Provide His Or Her Phone Number

You may have seen people from several organizations asking for your phone number. After you give them your phone number, all they do is contact you and annoy you. When these organizations ask for your phone number, give them the phone number of the individual jealous of you. He or she will be bothered by all these spam calls. And if you’re looking for how to annoy a jealous person, try these out.


In short, jealous people really bring you a lot of trouble in life but it is not easily able to treat them without making your image dirty. Annoy is the most effective way to counter them without hurting them too much. With 12 ways that we provide you, choose and apply to your friend with this personality, they will surely make you less uncomfortable.

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