How To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

Let’s admit it, household chores seem like a tedious affair more often than not. In fact, if there was a roundup of the most tiresome and dreadful household works – it’s keeping the fridge clean and organized will definitely make it one of the top contenders. While there is no escaping the chore, there are ways you can get the job done twice more efficiently with half the effort. Some smart management skills are all you need. Here are some “how to keep your fridge clean and organized”.

Get Out Your Vacuum

How To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

Little food bits can be hard to remove from drawers. By simply using your brush attachment, suck up the dried debris for hassle-free cleaning.

You should also clean the coils (the squiggly things on the back or bottom front) of your fridge. This helps it run more efficiently and use less energy.

Toss Every Week

Every other week do a clean sweep and toss out what’s old. Not only can you get rid of leftovers or produce before it goes bad, but will create a fresh picture of what you need at the store, and maybe what you can buy less of. As a bonus, it’ll help cut down on the time needed during a deep clean.

Wipe Down Sticky Bottles Or Jars

This one is pretty simple, don’t put something back in the fridge if the exterior of the container is sticky. Do a quick wipe before returning to its chilly casa.

No plates

While you’re at it, make a no-plate rule, too. From now on, everything that goes into the fridge needs to be in proper storage containers with lids. This will reduce spills in the fridge and nix moldy plates of umm-what-is-this-mess grossness.

Keep Your Veggie Crisper Clean & Crispy

How To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

Line your veggie crisper with these liners to help keep your drawers in the fridge clean and organized while they also extend the life of your product.

Fridge Odour

Opening your fridge to a peculiar stench is never a pleasing sense.  Traditionally a handful of half cut lemon kept in any corner of the fridge is used to keep the odour at bay. You can also insert some cloves in these lemons for that sweet smell. Some also use baking soda and activated carbon to deodorize and keep your fridge smelling fresh. Deodorizing the refrigerator will help you feel fridge clean and organized.

Parting note: Done with cleaning the fridge? Great! Now, as you start placing your food and containers back follow these storage tips to prevent maximum mess and contamination.

Putting meat, vegetables and fruits in the same crisper can increase the risk of contamination and spoilage.

Store Leftovers At Eye Level

Storing foods that need to be eaten first at eye level can help you eat them faster, and reduce waste. Tucking them in the back behind the bread is a surefire way to have a stinky surprise in three weeks.

Stop drips and spills

If bending over and wiping out your refrigerator shelves rates low on your list of fun things to do, then line your shelves with plastic placemats. When a spill happens, all you need to do is remove the mats and rinse them in the sink.

Keep cool

Chances are, the items in your fridge aren’t where they need to be. Some areas of your fridge are colder than others, making them better suited for certain foods.

 Line the shelves

You can also put placemats on your shelves. This would save your shelves from the occasional spill. In case of spills and messes, simply remove the mat, clean it and replace.  It is always a nice idea to clean the spills when fresh, with lemon or baking soda mixture with water.

Organize Foods Based On Their Purpose Or Type

Use labeled baskets to keep similar foods in the same area (i.e. condiments, meats, cheeses, etc). If you are a portioned meal planner, another trick is to put the main food ingredients for specific days of the week in their own basket. Then simply pull and cook based on what’s needed for that day.

Protect Your Eggs

This clear container will allow you to see your eggs but protect them from breakage, especially having a lid, unlike other containers. The lid also makes great use of space allowing stacking.  The containers they come in will not protect them from breakage so switch that up.

This article by shared how to keep your fridge clean and organized. With these simple ways, hopefully, your refrigerator is always clean, fragrant and saves time on cleaning effectively.


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