How To Relax On Vacation

Vacation time is the best time of the year, or is it? While taking a break away from the office seems like a great idea on paper, it can actually be more stressful for some people than just staying in the office. If you’ve ever had the feeling that you need another vacation to get over the vacation you’ve just had, there’s a fair bet that you don’t really know how to relax fully when on a break. It’s important to learn to take a real break for vacation so that you can restore your energy, rejuvenate your sense of purpose and return to work or studies fully refreshed. Learn various ways to help yourself relax on vacation more deeply.

Set a clear boundary with the office

If you say you will not work on your vacation, stick to it. This includes defining for the office staff what would be an “emergency”. Limit the access to your emergency contact information to a trustworthy and experienced co-worker you can trust to buffer you from unneeded contact. When you tell someone you won’t be checking messages, stick to it.

Turn the ringer off

Don’t allow the phone to intrude on your vacation. Resist the urge to constantly check for updates. If your message says you are checking voicemail once an evening, do just that. Tell people before you leave that you won’t be checking it often, so if there is an emergency, have them call the hotel or resort if they can’t reach you.

Remind yourself often that you’re on vacation to relax

Find the best way to relax and explore what it means for you to take a break. Enjoy the beauty around you and take a moment to focus on the natural beauty. Enjoy it and let it be.

Go slowly and make time to just do nothing

Sit on a beach without a schedule or agenda. If you are at a resort sneak away to a quiet spot like a hammock and spend even a little bit of time alone. Give yourself permission to clear your mind.

Schedule out plenty of fun activities

While it’s always nice to have unplanned time during your vacation, too much down time might tempt you to get back in work mode. To prevent this, plan out an itinerary–with built in spaces for rest and relaxation. Just be sure to fill your itinerary with exciting activities that suit both you and your travel mates. Don’t simply fill every hour of your schedule just because you think you should.

Bring a Few Books and Free-up Time to Read

How To Relax On Vacation

By its very nature, reading is slow and requires you to be still and give it all your attention. Some of the best books are exciting and engaging, but reading will always be a slow, relaxing pastime. Many people gather together a list of books to read over the year and then struggle to get through the first couple on the list because they wait until bedtime to read. There’s nothing about waiting until you’re exhausted, in jammies, lying in bed, that says you’re ready to read.

Book in for a spa treatment

What better way to relax on holiday then to indulge in a spa treatment? Many hotels and complexes have spas, or the concierge can recommend a top-rated local facility.

You could try a Swedish massage to remove muscle knots and tension from your upper back and shoulders. If you are prone to a lot of stress and tension headaches, why not try an Indian head massage?

Depending on where you travel to, the local culture may offer unique spa treatments, so it’s definitely worth researching these. Visiting a spa is all about restoring a sense of calm and balance, so will help reduce your stress, and leave you feeling incredibly relaxed.

Explore the local environment

How To Relax On Vacation

Being outdoors is good for us, so no matter what type of holiday you’re on, you should try and explore the local environment around you.

Whether you go for a long walk on the beach, discover the forest or enjoy some nearby gardens, the more time you spend in nature the more relaxed you will feel. This is especially the case on holidays where tourist areas can become very crowded, which can become stressful. You should take time to explore the natural landscape of your destination, which will also help you feel calm too.