The Most Common Enneagram Type: Are You A Peacemaker?

If you have learned about the types of Enneagram and also know what the rarest Enneagram type is. So have you wondered what is the most common Enneagram type?

Just like the rarest Enneagram, there are many theories out there on the internet, but most of them stem from personal experience and not from any particular research.

Hence a large-scale census was conducted. This survey is called the Enneagram Factor Distribution, surveying 189,957 volunteers, giving the highest percentage of Enneagram type 9 at 16.2%. This is followed by category 6 and category 4.

If you wonder why The Peacemaker is the most common Enneagram type, this article will provide you with information about type 9 so you can find the best answer for you.

Why is Type 9 The Most Common Enneagram Type?

Enneagram Population Distribution

According to a poll, Type 9 (The Peacemaker) is the most common Enneagram type. In addition, the Enneagram ratio of type 9 between men and women does not differ as much as that of type 5.

The reason for this may be that according to some educators, Type Nine, located at the top of the Enneagram, is the archetypal personality type. In other words, Nine is the original personality type of man, and all others develop from it over the course of human existence.

Nines are known for their desire for harmony and inner peace as well as their dislike of conflict and other emotional upheavals. They often make for good company, comfortable, and easy to get along with.

The Nines are cautious and quiet, but they are determined when given the opportunity. Although they often follow the crowd, they hate being in charge and if pushed too far, they can react by showing slight resistance.

Here are a few of the most common enneagram type’s characteristics:

  • Nines spoke softly.
  • They adapt easily.
  • Many of them belong to the spiritual school.
  • They are very helpful.
  • They regularly radiate a meditation-like energy.
  • Everyone is interested in conversations.
  • They are caring people and take care of everyone.
  • They work to keep the peace between the different factions.
  • When a dispute broke out, they stepped forward to mediate and calm the situation.

Type 9 Enneagram – The Most Common Enneagram Type: Who They Are?

Many personality qualities, such as diligence, adventure, creativity, charity, idealism, and intellectualism are often seen in this most common Enneagram type. In essence, Type 9 is not a distinct enterotype because it can exhibit personality traits of any other Enneagram.

Peacemaker is Type 9’s nickname. However, Type 9 people also often struggle with a lack of self-discipline. Nines can easily become disoriented when promoting harmony. They may be completely absorbed in the world around them and have little or no regard for their uniqueness.

Type 9 individuals on the Enneagram can participate in group activities or seek out like-minded people. They may move away from heated debates in favor of places where most people share their views.

Strengths Of The Enneagram Type 9

the peacemaker

Nobody possesses all the characteristics of just one Enneagram type. Each of us is a unique concoction of Enneagram types. Type 9 on the Enneagram is not an exception.

They frequently share characteristics with other Enneagram types, and because of their openness, they are susceptible. One of the causes of type nine’s lack of a strong feeling of identity is due to this.

When it comes to other people’s problems, a type nine would be able to look at them from many perspectives, but they would be unable to handle their own hostile or confrontational situations.

Some of the strengths of this most Enneagram common type are:

  • Positivity and the capacity to consider many options.
  • The capacity to remain composed and cooperative while others are not.
  • The capacity to comfort and assist others around them, to encourage and reassure people that are close to them.
  • Acting as conflict-resolution mediators.
  • Being tolerant, accommodating, and uncritical.
  • Exhibiting justice and compassion for others around them.

Weaknesses Of The Enneagram Type 9

Even though they value tranquility, type nines may be challenging to work with. Their steadfastness in avoiding all forms of conflict might often irritate people nearby.

Everyone is aware that one cannot simply avoid conflicts and ignore problems in order to find tranquility in life. This enneagram type is renowned for living in a bubble and believing that if they ignore their troubles, they would go away.

Their connections with people in their community may suffer as a result, and they may also suffer injury or grief. There may be a lot of animosity as a result.

The most common Enneagram type should be aware of and steer clear of the following attributes in order to be successful and efficient:

  • Avoiding interpersonal disputes and delaying anticipated hostile circumstances
  • Being unable to make decisions and having conflicting emotions.
  • Making issues appear smaller than they are in an effort to minimize them.
  • Being too accommodative and complacent under difficult circumstances.
  • Refusing to confront difficulties head-on out of passion or apathy.

Basic Fea – Enneagram Type 9

People of this most common type have the greatest fear of being abandoned. They struggle when left alone and fear being cut off from their source of safety. This is one of their constant worries.

In addition to their fear of conflict and unpleasant circumstances, they also fear feeling isolated and out of touch with what is important to them because doing so will require them to become more assertive and assertive and to they live well in a hostile, violent, and broken world environment where they have to stand up for themselves.

They try to make people happy in an attempt to offset and perhaps prevent these fears.

Basic Desire – Enneagram Type 9

The world and life become harmonious, stable, and peaceful. This most common Enneagram type has always wanted that and this is also great for them. The happiness of the people they care about and finding personal serenity are their two main goals.

They prioritize living well, in harmony and peace, and make sure that everyone around them does too. They only focus on the simple joys that life brings, and they don’t care about the things about competition and struggle.

At Work – Enneagram Type 9

type 9 - at work

Nines have a tremendous sense of inner calm and a desire to maintain harmony on both an internal and exterior level. They may preserve their Buddha-like peace and tranquility by avoiding disagreement at all costs (even if it means maintaining the status quo).

It’s essential to bring a Nine out of a meeting rather than letting them blend in with the group’s agenda. They may adopt the viewpoint of the majority if they lack motivation or believe that adopting an alternative stance would be risky.

Be aware that Nines frequently undervalue the contributions they make, so supervisors must remind them of this. Include this phrase in your everyday speech: “You know, you really matter. If you don’t speak out and share your truths, we’ll lose out on important information.

Nines are skilled at bringing people together in an atmosphere of collaboration and peace and are able to see all sides of a situation. Nines approach work and relationships steadily and in harmony. Although their methods can take some time, having the entire team together ultimately promotes goodwill.

Their struggle is to maintain their attention on the important things and to stand up for what they believe in, even when doing so causes discomfort or disagreement. Because they are continually attempting to control both their own inner peace and the peace around them, they frequently feel the most worn out of all the kinds. Compared to other numbers on the Enneagram, those who identify as Nines have the least endurance.

When Nines are confident in their jobs, they will behave more like Threes at work and Nines at home.

What Is Career Suitable For Enneagram Type 9

Here are some ideal career cases for this most common Enneagram type:

  • Counselor
  • Writer/editor
  • Diplomat
  • Social worker
  • Librarian
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Veterinarian
  • Religious or clerical worker
  • Criminal Justice Officer
  • Editor
  • Manager of Human Resources

An Enneagram type 9 would naturally succeed in a job that encourages peace and harmony. They need a sense of purpose, which would set them apart in jobs that require them to assist others. Additionally, they do well in slower-paced jobs where they are not always competing with others.

People with this most common Enneagram typemay ultimately turn apathetic and passive-aggressive if they are not permitted to assist others. Jobs that can cause this are not advised since they also fear loss and abandonment.

Who Are Type 9’s Wings?

Who Are Type 9’s Wings

The enneagram types have overlapping personalities. They form wings with many personalities and traits that carry the strengths and weaknesses of each type combined.

Perfectionists and Peacemakers being in the same group seem odd. Another option is to include The Challenger and Peacemaker in the same category. However, the enneagram types make this conceivable. Two separate wings can be created from the Type Nines.

Type 9&1 – The Negotiator

A Type Nine personality having many of the same traits as the Type One personality is known as the Nine Wing One type. They are sterner than other Nines and are diligent, amiable, humble, and sociable.

Type 9&8 – The  Advisor 

Type Nine who also happens to exhibit some Type Eight traits is known as the Nine wings Eight types. They differ from other Nines in that they are independent, gregarious, adaptive, and typically more forceful and direct.


So now you know why type 9 is the most common Enneagram type? Most of us are peaceful and hate conflict. However, since type 9 can carry all the properties of 9 types of the Enneagram, to determine the correct type of your own type you can perform the enneagram test. Besides this type of personality determination, you can determine through blood type or Intuition test. Viet identifies your personality can help you overcome your weaknesses and promote your strengths to succeed and grow in life.