Scala: The Best Cloud Hosting for Small Business

Today, Cloud storage service is too popular and is preferred by many people.

This article will share information about the best cloud hosting for small business.

If you don’t hear about Cloud Hosting, so this is a model of computer data storage in which logical pools are used to store digital data for small businesses to help them reduce the burden of investing in hardware or maintaining storage devices. Therefore, small businesses should choose cloud hosting services. Let’s start with us to know more details:

What is Cloud Hosting Service?

Cloud computing will help you solve some of the needs to manage hardware and software

A cloud server is a virtual server that is set up and deployed based on a cloud computing platform. Cloud provides and distributes on-demand IT resources over the internet. Resources here can be anything related to computing and computing.

If you wanted to do everything in the past, you had to spend on your own to invest in everything from hardware, servers, and software, connect to the network and bear additional maintenance costs; now, cloud computing takes care of it all.

The costs of hardware development and maintenance are huge for small and medium businesses. Because it is a massive and complex management system, requiring a lot of factors. Just small negligence can also lose all data or affect the business operations.

What is Cloud Hosting Service
What is Cloud Hosting Service?

But with, cloud computing will help you solve some of the need to manage hardware and software yourself. Moreover, businesses will also cut initial investment costs in having to equip their own servers, server locations and related technologies. A cloud service provider will help you to solve any problem.

Benefits Of Cloud Hosting For Small Businesses

Thanks to cloud hosting, businesses will achieve the best results if all members can access, edit and share documents 

Cloud hosting can bring a lot of benefits to small businesses. Here are some key benefits:

Increase Productivity

Integrating cloud technology helps your Business grow faster and operate more efficiently. Seizing the opportunity to accelerate service deployment and stay ahead is one of the key reasons to migrate to the cloud today.

Ease Of Working Remotely

Thanks to cloud hosting, businesses will achieve the best results if all members can access, edit and share documents anytime, anywhere, no matter where they are or what they do. Based on cloud technology, workflows and file sharing applications will update records in real-time and give employees complete visibility into work actions, work, and communication.

Efficient Information Storage

Cloud hosting is one of the ultimate data storage tools. You can scale up or down virtual servers very easily. In addition to upgrading memory, you can also add disk space quickly. This is an advantage that I appreciate very much because it allows me to be more flexible in my work.

Cost Savings

Cloud hosting service helps small businesses cut investment costs for initial infrastructure. It includes purchasing hardware, software, maintenance, installation, server placement, operation, etc. According to research, analysis, and comparison between cloud computing and actual computing, the use of cloud helps businesses reduce about 30% of operating costs. Maintaining and upgrading computer systems and purchasing software licenses is one of the costs that can be omitted.

High Security

A third party will monitor all activities on cloud hosting and update and troubleshoot quickly. This makes the system highly secure. In addition, regular data backup helps to create an archived copy of the document. It’s in case something goes wrong, that your data is still available.

Why Scala is the best Cloud Hosting For Small Business

If you are looking for the top cloud hosting provider for your business, then Scala is the best choice!

About Scala Hosting

Scala offers many features for businesses and users

Scala Hosting is a Dallas-based web hosting provider located in Texas. They offer a variety of Web hosting and domain name management services. With 4 multi-tier data centers providing the best security, you can confidently use their services.

Scala Hosting
Scala: The Best Cloud Hosting for Small Business’s data center is located in the United States. They use the latest hardware and software that is constantly being updated and are part of Tier 4 network infrastructure. Their data centers have backup batteries and redundant network connections.

They also offer 24/7 support and the most up-to-date data protection for many home networks. You can count on security and staff to protect your data.

Great Features

Scala offers many features for businesses and users. This cloud hosting offers many different hosting options. You can select and enhance features through the service packages offered.

Each of its packages will come with additional features and options. Unlimited bandwidth, domains, and web space are included with every plan. Scala includes Spam Experts Protection, a free backup email server, and a professional backup system. There will be 30 backup points for your emails, files and databases.

Their plans are fully customizable and offer plenty of space and features. RAM ranges between 4GB and 32GB. You can choose from many different types of Ram: 4GB – 32GB.

Scala will help you enjoy the best cloud hosting with a smooth, feature-rich experience

Pros & Cons

Possessing many features and having high applicability, you can quickly evaluate this cloud hosting through its pros and cons.

Pros of Scala Hosting

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Full VPS management, including 24/7/365 support and regular server maintenance and snapshots
  • Automatic daily backup to the remote server
  • Security protection Shield, WordPress Manager, “all-in-one” Spanel control panel
  • Free LiteSpeed web server, SSD, SSL & CDN
  • Free and unlimited site migration
  • Free domain name for one year
  • Dedicated IP address and dedicated CPU/RAM resources
  • Choose from Scala hosting, digital ocean, and AWS data centers
  • Multiple package options
  • Various payment methods
  • online support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Scala Hosting

  • Limited server locations (US/Europe only)
  • Only SSD plans on VPS


If you are looking for the best cloud hosting for small business, then we have given you the best recommendation in this article. Scala will help you enjoy the best cloud hosting with a smooth, feature-rich experience. Hopefully, through my sharing, you can help your business work better.