The Pros And Cons Of Living With Your In-Laws

Not everything about living with the in-laws is grim and sad. There are in fact a lot of practical reasons to live with in-laws, one is financial and the other is being there for the elderly. Living with your in-laws may not always be about being a servant to the elders, for it often comes with a bunch of advantages too. Come on, let’s read the article below to know the pros and cons of living with your in-laws.

The Pros Of Living With Your In-Laws

Your kids will have a chance to know the grandparents

The Pros Of Living With Your In-Laws

It’s important for the kids to really know their grandparents. Living in the same house with your in-laws helps that. Instead of meeting only during the holidays, they get to spend time with them every day.

You can get a lot of parenting help

The early days of parenting, especially can be really tough. All couples go through many problems once a baby comes in their lives. Having your mother-in-law around means you can get some real advice and help to take on the new responsibility better. Even when you are feeling depressed due to postpartum blues, the MIL can help you get through it better than your husband, because she understands the drill more than your husband.

There is always a babysitter at home

Of course, you shouldn’t take too much advantage of this situation, but having your in-laws around means free babysitting.

You can always have someone to share the household chores with

After marriage, especially when you are juggling between being a mother and a working professional, tackling all the household chores on your own is hard work. Having other adults around means everyone can share the load of household duties.

There is financial breathing room with the in-laws chipping in

In this global economy, living in a household where the cost is shared comes as a boon. You can save more than what you could by living alone. But the drawbacks of this arrangement also take a toll on your overall marital life.

You’ll get to know them better

To live in one roof means you got to be with them everyday, and with that you are able to discover new things about them , vice versa. You will understand more of them ,
why they are like this, why they want this, and why they got this attitude. Even their likes and dislkes. Your relationship to your in -laws could get tighter and tighter.

Financial benefits

Nothing is cheap nowadays and living with your in-laws can help you save a lot of money. With them taking care of your child and the chores, you would be able to save money on childcare and eating out.

The Cons Of Living With Your In-Laws

No privacy

Living with the in-laws would mean no public display of affection allowed even in your own house or chilling in the living room with your shorts on while enjoying some beer on the weekend. Constantly not being able to have some privacy or space to be yourself can be a psychological burden to carry.

Tension between mother and daughter-in-law

The Cons Of Living With Your In-Laws

When your mother-in-law has had experience in taking care of a family and a household, they tend to feel superior and may find things to criticise in everything you do. To please her, you probably won’t be able to do things the way you want. It can be easy for your in-laws to interfere in your life when you’re living together, but this can cause negative emotions to rise.

Too much familiarity can breed contempt

When it comes to in-laws, no matter how awesomely cool they are, it is always better to keep a safe distance. Before marriage, you might be the nice girlfriend who is such a pleasure to have around. But a few months into the marriage, you might become the lazy daughter-in-law who refuses to clean up or the wife who can’t cook. Your beautiful relationship would then go down the drain.

You can’t call friends to party

If you are married in your 20s or 30s, you can forget about throwing a house party when you live with the in-laws. Especially if you were used to having friends crash to your place before marriage, this change can make you feel like the in-laws treat you like a slave where you have no independence to lead a lifestyle of your choice.

Interference on how you should raise your child

Every advantage comes with its share of conditions. Having your in-laws around to help you out in taking on the parenting duties also means there is going to be a lot of uncalled-for advice on how you should raise your child. Your MIL is proud of how she has raised her son and she would want you to follow her footsteps, even though much of her wisdom doesn’t apply to this generation.

Bottom line

There, you had our own list, but it would always depend on couples weather it would be good for them to live with inlaws or not. It would be best if your own family would have your very own space where you can work things out on your own. It’s okay to be with them like maybe once a week , let’s say a weekend bonding time with them, can do and talk anything under the sun.

Your perspective on this topic depends on what situation you are in now,and that’s okay because we are all different. But we got things in common, we can always talk about anything in a peaceful manner, and that we are able to love and be loved.


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