The Rarest Enneagram Type: We Are Observing You!

After discovering your Enneagram type, you may be curious to know which one is the rarest enneagram type.

There are many theories about the rarest enneagram type online, however, most of them are based on the author’s own experience and beliefs, despite the survey’s flaws, and accurate and objective feedback will be backed up by data and facts.

Through the official Enneagram Population Distribution, a rather large survey with 189,957 participants.

According to the survey’s findings, Type 5 is the rarest enneagram type, followed by Type 8 and Type 2. This article will discover about enneagram Type 5 – Investigator (Observer).

Why is Type 5 The Rarest Enneagram Type?

Enneagram Population Distribution

The five enneagram was identified as making up about 10% of the population in the study with more than 54,000 responses. In addition, it has been shown that men possess a type 5 enneagram twice as often as women. This enneagram can therefore be said to be one of the rare, if not the rarest enneagram type.

The cause of this rarity may be a mixture of personalities and traits. Indeed, they are individuals with rare personalities that are not easily found.

The enneagram type 5, which is uncommon, is defined as being both inquisitive and creative. They are incredibly distinctive but also quite private. They might not come out with their personality type or exhibit their genuine side, which could be one of the reasons they are so uncommon. However, it’s likely that they are fewer in number, and this may be a result of the distinctive qualities they have. This kind is frequently regarded as being well in advance.

Here are a few of the rarest enneagram type’s characteristics:

  • Alert
  • Insightful
  • Curious
  • Secretive
  • Independent
  • Inventive
  • Introverted

Type 5 Enneagram – The Rarest Enneagram Type: Who They Are?

These people of the rarest enneagram have a keen interest in learning about topics related to their field of interest. They will look into its components and strive to learn as much as possible! The enneagram type 5 is perceptive, creative, and secretive all at once.

Because of their concentration and commitment to mastering the particular field, they are working in, people who fit this rarest enneagram are capable of developing complicated thoughts and talents.

The type 5 enneagram has a natural desire to learn new things all the time. They want to fill their knowledge bank with more and more material. When they are interested in something or a phenomenon but unable to learn more about it, it concerns them. In fact, they have a problem with their curiosity. At the same time, they get preoccupied with learning more about their passions and neglect other aspects of their lives, particularly the practical ones.

The desire to learn or study differently from others is another characteristic of this enneagram type. They seek out uncharted territory or areas that have received the least amount of prior investigation. They choose to study the odd, obscure, outlandish, and unexplained items on the list rather than the typical or traditional subjects.

Strengths Of The Enneagram Type 5 

Strengths Of Enneagram type 5

Each personality type has strengths and limitations. The following are some of the top qualities of this enneagram type 5:

  • Problem-solving
  • Orientation in detail
  • Can get a job done from start to finish
  • Permanent learning
  • Endure stress
  • Extremely focused

Weaknesses Of The Enneagram Type 5

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The following are cons of this enneagram type 5 personality type:

  • Having trouble understanding emotions
  • Regular patronage
  • Mental isolation and distance

Strengths and limitations suggest that the enneagram type 5 people are not the most sociable people. They are always trying to show their hunger for information, but they are prioritizing that need over developing social connections.

This can lead to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and sadness in children. The ability to leave immediately makes it difficult for the enneagram type 5 to maintain healthy relationships.

Basic Fea – Enneagram Type 5

The primary concern with the enneagram type 5 is that they will eventually become unskilled or uninformed, rendering them worthless. They worry that no matter what area of ​​life they may be proficient in, they will not be competent in that area. Fear has nothing to do with bragging, but rather confidence in themselves that they possess a special talent that sets them apart from others.

Basic Desire – Enneagram Type 5

Their basic desire arises from their concern that they are incompetent. The motivation is to learn to become knowledgeable and skillful in an area of ​​great interest and little known or common to others. Everyone is the rarest enneagram that aspires to stand out from the crowd for the information and abilities they possess. As a result, they feel confident, capable, and competent.

At Work – Enneagram Type 5

At word type 5

These people of this enneagram type 5 require a private area where they can focus and think independently. They don’t like “casual” employees in the workplace and are often disruptive. Everything they do is not motivated by emotion. Instead, they advocate the use of objective data because they always want their work to be worthwhile.

It would help if you kept your conversations with Enneagram type 5s short and to the point. This individual doesn’t want to hear small, pointless chatter, so don’t make it the focus of the conversation. In order for them to get back to their work, they want to get right to the point.

What Is Career Suitable For Enneagram Type 5

Here are some ideal career cases for this enneagram type 5:

  • Engineer
  • Mathematician
  • Author
  • Scientist
  • Programmer
  • Scholar / Curator
  • Enneagram Type 5’s Relationships

Type 5s may lack some of the social and emotional skills of others, but they can still be a calm and reliable companion who will provide support and guidance to those who need it.

They have a strong sense of self and never lose their cool, even when faced with extreme pressure. If anything unexpected happens in life, they can handle it well.

Someone who values ​​independence and is aware that type 5 needs space to pursue their own interests is an example of someone who can fit into this rarest enneagram type.

Who Are Type 5’s Wings?

Type 5's Wings


Type 5&6 Problem Solvers

The troubleshooter is a type of enneagram that is mainly composed of type 5 enneagrams but also exhibits some characteristics of a type 6 enneagram. This enneagram takes a very streamlined approach to understanding self, others, and the universe. pillar. They want their decisions to be based not on what is told to them – in a sentimental way – but on how it is said and if it makes sense. They like to have organized, methodical discussions where they can assess whether something makes sense.

These types of enneagrams are very palatable in their interactions, making them highly autonomous and practical. They are practical because they are aware of how things work and seek to keep things straight. In contrast to people who just keep talking about something without ever seeming to act on it, they are the ones who do more. Dealing with these people is easier because they act on what they say and are action-oriented; they actually accomplish their goal by demonstrating instead of just explaining.

These enneagram styles are much more cooperative than regular 5s, and are independent at the same time! They like to consider the views of others, but this does not prevent them from acting independently. They accept the opinions and ways of thinking of others, but they are content and comfortable doing what they see as best for themselves.

These types have a great desire to develop their knowledge, abilities, and talents. They will read, sign up for classes and attend training sessions to enhance their knowledge and abilities. As a result, people are able to make better judgments because they have access to the necessary tools, such as education, experience, and direct exposure to the outside world. They don’t like talking about or participating in activities they don’t fully understand.

Type 5&4 – The Philosopher

The “Philosopher,” albeit restrained in behavior, is great thinkers and reflectors because they have more characteristics of the type 5 enneagram than the type 4 enneagram. When considering things that astound or captivate them, they want to take their time. Furthermore, rather than discussing it with others, they prefer to accomplish this in a calm and quiet setting. They are introverted in fact because they require alone to not only think but also to contemplate and refuel their social energy.

They are more expressive and emotive than type 5 enneagrams. As a result, they are more human in nature and do not merely concentrate on the difficult aspects of life or utilize straightforward statistics to describe things. They understand the value of human influence and involvement, which explains their behavior. These people are also highly outspoken and prefer to act in a way that not only reflects their thoughts or beliefs but also makes them feel comfortable.

These enneagram types tend to be guarded and distanced from people because of their nature and how they perceive or feel about others. This is due to their demand for solitude as well as the fact that they would rather avoid social interactions. At the same time, they are eager to learn new things in order to broaden their knowledge base and acquire the skills and resources that will improve their position and enable them to take on even bigger duties.

Despite their tendency toward introversion, they like discovering new things! They will scout out new possibilities, discover the truth about people or things that interest them, and also just for fun. They enjoy traveling and don’t mind being alone themselves when doing so because it gives them time to contemplate and think while on such a “mission”.


The rarest enneagram type – Type 5 is a very unique and talented personality type. However, it also has some disadvantages. In this article, we have given you information about this rarest enneagram type. If you are a type 5 person, then through the information we provide, you should make plans and methods to develop yourself and limit your weaknesses to create a good life. for yourself. In addition to the Enneagram type, You can refer to some other ways to determine personality such as Institution, maybe you will find many other secrets of yourself.

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