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Are you a fashion enthusiast? Do you want to appear fashionable yet are unsure how to? Don’t worry we are here to help. Nowadays, there are many blogs about fashion topics one of the most famous and oldest is the style box UK fashion lifestyle blog. If you haven’t heard about it yet or want to learn more about the style box UK fashion lifestyle blog, keep reading this article.

What Is The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog?

The Style Box UK lifestyle blog is the go-to website for anyone interested in fashion and beauty. It is a place where you may get ideas, suggestions, and inspiration for your own style.

The Style Box UK blog was established in 2006 by Lauren and her sister Sophie. When they were both living in London at the time, they were both looking for a way to share their passion for fashion with the rest of the globe.

Why The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog Is Popular?

The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog
The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Amazing, passionate writers are at the heart of The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog’s staff. They have a great eye for detail and are knowledgeable about how to put the ideal outfit together. Additionally, they have strong connections in the business and can provide inside information on what’s hot this season or which celebrities have been spotted wearing specific designers.

Every day, new articles on fashion, beauty, travel, food, and other topics are added to the blog site. It has 15,000 Facebook fans and over 50,000 Instagram followers.

Since it was founded in 2006, The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog has been around for a while and is still useful. The blog’s popularity can be attributed to its engaging material for both sexes, which focuses on style rather than fashion or mere beauty.

The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog was originally created as a personal blog, but because of its success, it has grown into a full-time business with a number of contributors. To give audiences more content possibilities, they frequently collaborate with other bloggers.

The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog – Shape Your Fashion Style

The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog is a fashion community that gathers famous British bloggers. Here you will be introduced to fashion styles, current fashion trends, shaping your own style, and all other aspects of fashion. And here are the typical blogger favorites of this blog.

Monikh Dale

Monikh Dale

She is currently under a reputable modeling agency, is a beauty editor for Wardrobe Icon and Who Wear, and has her own website.

In her Instagram photos, Dale wears traditional attire with a chic touch, showing off her aesthetic. Her website also features articles on sustainable fashion – the trends of the times, a fashion editor, and advice on styling clothes and accessories to highlight the beauty of the body.

Currently, she has more than 215,000 followers on Instagram.

Tess Montgomery

Tess Montgomery

Another famous blogger of The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle is a person from AUSTRALIA. Blogger blog Tess Montgomery writes about fashion. On Instagram, she has more than 315k followers and 938 followers. Her casual activities and slow love of fashion are covered in her blog posts.

Tess Montgomery has been blogging on Instagram since June 2016. She is one of the most popular Australian bloggers on the platform because of her 315k followers.

Tess Montgomery is a Melbourne-based fashion blogger who posts pictures of her daily life and talks about fashion slowly. With over 315k followers, her Instagram account is one of the most popular Australian accounts out there.

Alicia Roddy

Alicia Roddy

Since she was 26 years old, British YouTuber and fashion blogger Alicia Roddy have started blogging. She focuses on style and fashion as a fashion blogger and YouTuber.

She studied sales, business management, and marketing at Nottingham College in the United Kingdom before venturing into the fashion industry.

The fashion box UK lifestyle fashion blog

Roddy’s Instagram bio has changed to read “myself in various ensembles in various settings,” which is eminently true considering the numerous beautiful images of lovely outfits on her page with minimalist backdrops.

Additionally, she works with Misguide to edit a lookbook, and she is a member of LikeToKnowIt, a social shopping website that enables people to purchase the outfits featured in a given image.

Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce

Penetrate collaborates with a variety of fashion brands, such as Asos, which offers a variety of styles. Among her clients are Reebok, Estee Lauder, Boots, Look Fantastic, and Spotify, to name a few.

Her Instagram feed is a stunning collection of images of her wearing the most expensive, draping attire. You can find her daily routines on YouTube, along with style-related product recommendations.

Olivia & Alice

Alice and Olivia enjoy dressing alike! They are easily identifiable by their synchronized outfits and vibrant appearances on Instagram.

These London-based sisters assert that they eat, sleep, and live in style. They established their own business in 2014 under the name “Amelia Jane London,” which offers hats, scarves, and pom-pom bobble caps.

Following the launch of their respective businesses, the two entrepreneurs simultaneously opened their blogs and Instagram accounts. Up until this point, they maintained separate websites, but it made logical to combine their Instagram accounts as well.

We advise checking out their Instagram account if you want to view the latest fashions or find inspiration for more innovative outfits.

The 4 Of US

A group of friends living together founded the lifestyle blog The 4 of Us (The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog). Working while loving London. Zsanett, Sara, and Annabel are of Hungarian, Norwegian and German descent, respectively. To the group, each person contributes their particular point of view. influenced by their early life experience as a model.

The focus of the Style Box UK blog is on fashion and the way of life. Three amazing women decided to work together and write about their shared love of modeling, photography, and fashion. The reason the blog is called “the 4 of us” is because their fourth friend was going to join but eventually decided to travel to London.

  • Annabel

She lived in Germany, San Francisco, Australia, and London during her lifetime. She worked in marketing at the time. She decided to pursue a career in film and art after moving to London. She is also in the NARRATIVES group. a design firm and an independent women’s creative collaborator.

  • Zsanett

In his native Hungary, Zsanett began her modeling career. She seized the opportunity to visit Asia as it presented, staying there for six years while moving from place to place. Zsanett eventually went to London to pursue her modeling ambitions in the UK market. Her image was created with MOT models.

  • Sara’s

Her role model and motivator are Aunt Sara. Sara’s mother passed on her modeling genes to her. She then moved to London to pursue a singing career. Sara is currently modeling full-time in London while studying for a bachelor’s degree in management at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).


The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog will give you a comprehensive look at fashion with the help of leading experts in shaping and leading the way. They are famous models, designers, and stylists with huge followings on social platforms. You can completely trust and shape your own style.